As a community of believers committed to growing together in our faith, we believe it is important to meet together outside of our Sunday morning worship service. Life groups are just such an opportunity to do so. They are regular, small gatherings of people from the church for the purpose of encouraging one another and helping each other grow spiritually. They are a great opportunity to learn more about the Bible, to receive prayer and support when times are difficult, and to fellowship with others. God didn’t intend for us to go it alone in life, and involvement in a life group is a way to be in community with others from the church. Our current study is based on the book, A Gospel-Centered Life, by Robert Thune.

We meet on Thursday evenings and have set up the following schedule:

  • The first Thursday of the month adults and children gather at the Bromhead’s home in Robbinsville.

  • The next week, just the women meet.

  • The following Thursday, men only meet.

  • The fourth Thursday: no meeting.

For more information about the schedule, contact Pastor Jonathan at We look forward to your joining us on Thursday evenings.




We believe that the Bible is foundational for our growing in the knowledge of God and understanding how to walk in a manner pleasing to him. And so it is important to engage in regular, systematic study of Scriptures beyond what is preached in the Sunday morning sermons. To help develop that habit, we will be offering opportunities for people to gather to study the Bible, usually focusing on a particular book or theme. These will be small gatherings so that people can feel free to ask tough questions and probe the Bible in depth.

Check this page again for more information as to times, locations, and areas of study.




God calls us to share our needs, joys, burdens, and requests with him (Matt. 6:9-13). We serve a God who hears our prayers and responds as a good Father who loves his children (Matt. 6:31-33). As we learn to depend on God for everything, prayer deepens our relationship with him. Because we are committed to praying for one another and for the needs of those in our community, we make a point of gathering once a month for a time of prayer.